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Most schools and business still use Microsoft products as the main driving power in their business. We use Dell Servers, installed with Windows Server 2012 R2 to manage the network, create user accounts, manage print services and to control the computers using restricted policies for pupils and staff.

Windows 10 Education and Office 2016 is installed on any new devices we supply using a dedicated Windows Image stored on the school network.

Staff and pupils alike can use Windows to share files, access printing and browse websites.

Windows Devices are encrypted using Bitlocker Drive Encryption to ensure that devices are locked in the case of a misplacement or theft. The recovery keys are then stored by Education Lincs in a safe area to ensure that data can be recoverable.

All Windows Devices are licensed either by:

the school purchasing perpetual licensing per computer, which are then stored against the asset the license is registered to


with Phoenix Software OVS ES Agreements, which offer schools a broader range of volume licensing via a direct contract with Microsoft.