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Synology Backup

Backups are very important in ensuring that your data is kept in a safe location. For your onsite backup, we use a 4TB Mirrored drive to ensure that there is plenty of storage and that Redundancy is setup. These are installed as part of any new server bundle install. We tend to use Synology. However, schools using Buffalo or Western Digital will also be suppported. We recommend teachers and pupils use Google Drive for document storage, as these are always readily available to access from any computer with an Internet connection and are backed up onto Google's systems.

Gigasoft Backup Solution

Gigasoft is used to backup any critical data to a cloud backup to ensure confidential files are stored in a secure location. Gigasoft is an ISO27001 accredited backup solutions provider. If you require a copy of their certificate, please speak to your assigned technician and they can send this to you.