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Antivirus and Antimalware

As the world of cyberspace continues to expand, threats to computers are becoming more and more frequent. With recent major threats, such as the NHS attack; The Cryptolocker outbreak and the Ransomware attacks involving bitcoin extortion, antivirus has become a mandatory requirement, especially on Windows Devices, which have proven to be the most popular operating system to attack.

At Education Lincs, We use Trend Micro and Malwarebytes to keep your network safe.

Real time monitoring is set up so that if a virus is detected, our team is immediately made aware and can act on it to ensure that the initial infection does not become a major outbreak.

Our firewall and content filtering systems are set up to detect malcious files attempting to enter the system and these are configured to block these at the front door so that infections cannot get through. 

However, antivirus is the second line of defence. Sometimes an attachment could slip through in an email. If you ever receive anything you are not sure of, immediately delete it. However also alert your technician or our helpdesk so that we can ensure the email is blocked from going to any one else.